Is Organic Food Better for Your Health?

organicOrganic food is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizer, antibiotics or hormones. Today it accounts for more than 31 billion dollars of sales a year in United States. More than 4% of all food sold is organic. Whole industries and companies have grown up around it’s production and marketing. Many people are organic fans because they think it’s more healthier and some think it’s more nutritious. Others think it’s safer as pesticides or other chemicals used in conventional farming are dangerous. They are willing to pay more for organic food.

Watch the video below to know more about Organic Food.

Watch the video below to know how organic farming is done.

How to Make Natural Mosquito Repellent


People today use different types of insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away. Most of those insect repellents contain DEET which is toxic and dangerous to your health. Using these types of chemicals everyday can cause headache, weakness, muscle and joint pain & tremors. So as you understand this is a pesticide you should not use at all.

Spraying chemical products on your body to repel mosquitoes is bad for your health. Using natural alternatives is always good for you and the environment. Watch this crazy guy make 3 all natural mosquito repellents that actually work, so that you can be free of mosquitoes and other bugs. He explains how Vodka can repel mosquitoes, soften your skin, refresh your clothing and treat bug bites.

Finding the Winning SEO Formula

Find the Winning SEO Formula for your Business

Creating a profitable Search Engine Optimization setup for your business can be very difficult.  For most business owners, it is a bit like making a nuclear bomb without having any knowledge about physics.  Or it is like trying to create an award winning recipe without any cooking knowledge.

Don’t be fooled by the slew of SEO articles out there with long checklists of things to do on your site.  Checking them all off isn’t going to rank your website well and bring in the big money!

I like this video by the Dallas SEO Geek:

He makes a lot of important points about ranking your website in Google’s search engine results pages.

I also recommend you take a look at his and if you are a local business looking to attract searchers in or near your city.  Law firms have a unique set of requirements and opportunities (hint: they can make a LOT of money from SEO).  Check out his Attorney SEO page if you’re looking to rank your law firm’s website on Google.

Either do the whole SEO project and all its required pieces or save your money for yourself or other forms of marketing.

Let me know if you have any questions because I’ve looked into this a great deal!

Classic Church Sign Designs

The Classic Church Sign Designs You Will Love

Imagine going to a church and looking up to see a sign that is falling apart and does not look the part. Is that a sight you want to have in front of the church? Don’t you want to go with a sign that is beautiful and has the equality to it that you have been in search of?

The days of going with a church sign that does the bare minimum should be well in the past as that is not going to be enough.

The best signs are the ones that are beautifully woven together and work well to highlight what the church is all about.


The best classic church sign designs are the ones that are beautiful. They have this aesthetic appeal to them that are going to make sure want to put them in as soon as you can. The wrong sign is one that you are not going to like at all.

This is why going to an excellent service that makes great signs is a must in this day and age.

Tremendous Visibility

Are you and everyone else able to see the sign from a distance? There is no point in a sign that is not easy to see. You want people to come in because of the sign instead of not being able to spot it and guessing what the building has to offer.

A good church is one that is going to have a clear sign.

More than anything else, it is visibility that is going to matter a lot. You want it to be easy to spot during the day and the night as well when people are coming in.

A sign that does not meet these needs isn’t much of a sign at all.


A sign that is not customized is not much of a sign at all. You will not want to use a sign that does not have a hint of personality to it. There are so many cookie-cutter signs that are put up and those are dull and not something you want to go with.

Instead, you should be thinking about going with a service that is going to provide high-grade signs at good prices while making sure they are customized at the same time.  Turner Sign Systems provides great custom church signs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

When you can come and get a complete package such as this, you will know it is all about your needs and wants with the service.

Perfect For Church

You want something that suits the environment. You don’t just pick up a random sign and put it up because the quality is not going to be there at all. You will wonder what could have been had you gone with a better sign that has the quality to it that people expect.

When a person comes in, they will want to see a simple sign that has an aesthetic appeal to it, but is not overwhelming at the same time. Many signs start to bewilder because of how they look in front of the church.

These are the benefits of classic church sign designs and why you have to be meticulous with the research you put in. Those who are not even thinking about what they are getting will lose out because they are going to get the wrong sign. You want to choose something that suits the environment and your budget at the same time.

These designs are all going to help you out and are going to look great as well when you put them in for the first time. You will be content with the sign as soon as it goes up.

Best Mosquito Repellents

Finding The Best Mosquito Repellents

In the past, mosquitoes were considered to be a harmless annoyance. While no one wanted to get bit by a mosquito, no one was particularly worried about them either.

Now, all that is starting to change. The Zika virus is beginning to become a serious concern. This virus is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, which means that people need to avoid them in any way they can.

If you’re worried about the virus and want a way to protect yourself, you’re going to want to learn more about the best repellents on the market. Here are a few of the things you should know.

You Shouldn’t Rely On Repellents Alone

If you’re visiting a country in which the Zika virus is a major problem, you’ll want to take every precaution that you can. Simply using a mosquito repellent won’t be enough.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, you should wear long sleeves and pants, even if it’s hot out. Look for clothing that is made from a thin material. It will protect you from mosquitoes, but it will still keep you cool. You should also try wearing a hat. It can help keep mosquitoes away from your neck.

Stay inside at night, when mosquitoes are most likely to be active. When the sun falls, you’ll want to go indoors. You’ll be able to avoid a lot of mosquito bites that way.

Read Reviews And Consumer Reports

It’s important to take a look at the information available about the mosquito repellents on the market. Experts have found that there are some repellents that are better at stopping the spread of Zika than others. These repellents specifically repel the kind of mosquito that is most likely to carry the virus.

Do as much research as you can. Read reviews from professionals and real users. Find a repellent that you feel confident about. The best repellents on the market have a lot of positive users reviews. Look for a product that stands above its competition.

We use for our mosquito repellent (that happens to be all natural).  Give them a try if you can.

Re-Apply Your Repellent Throughout The Day

Don’t apply repellent in the morning and then forget about it. You’ll want to re-apply it several times throughout the day. This is the only way you can be sure to avoid mosquitoes.

In the case of most products, it is recommended to re-apply the repellent every few hours. If you sweat a lot, or if you spend time in the water, you may also need to re-apply your repellent. Water and sweat can wash away the repellent from your skin, making it far less effective.

Even the best repellent won’t be able to work forever. Make sure you re-apply it when you need to.

Do Your Best To Avoid Mosquitoes Entirely

There is no need for anyone to take unnecessary risks. While you should certainly use repellents, you should also try to stay away from mosquitoes completely.

The CDC is currently recommending that pregnant women stay away from countries that have been linked to the Zika virus. This includes Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Also, people should make sure that mosquitoes are unable to enter their home. Don’t leave your doors open, and make sure any faulty screens are repaired.

Mosquitoes are becoming a cause for serious concern. Because of this, people need to make sure they use the proper repellent.

Take the time to find the best mosquito repellents on the market. If you find the right repellent, you will be able to avoid mosquitoes and stay safe. The Zika virus is very dangerous, but thankfully, you have some ways to protect yourself.

Organic Business Industry Trends

The Organic business industry is growing at a very fast rate. Organic gardening is the way of growing vegetables and fruits with the use of things only found in nature.

Why would one want get into an organic business?

1. One can easily make compost from garden and kitchen waste. Though this is a bit more time-consuming than buying prepared chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it certainly helps to put garbage to good use and so saves the environment.

2. Organic farming does not use chemicals that may have an adverse affect on your health. This is especially important when growing vegetables. Chemical companies tell us that the chemicals we use are safe if used according to direction, but research shows that even tiny amounts of poisons absorbed through the skin can cause such things as cancer, especially in children.

organic business industryOn the average, a child ingests four to five times more cancer-causing pesticides from foods than an adult. This can lead to various diseases later on in the child’s life. With organic gardening, these incidents are lessened.

Remember, pesticides contain toxins that have only one purpose – to kill living things.

3. Less harm to the environment. Poisons are often washed into our waterways, causing death to the native fish and polluting their habitat.

4. Organic farming practices help prevent the loss of topsoil through erosion.
The Soil Conservation Service says that an estimated 30 – 32 billion tons of soil erodes from United States farmlands every year.

4. Cost savings. One does not need to buy costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides with organic gardening. Many organic recipes for the control of pest and disease come straight from the kitchen cupboard. Sometimes other plants can be grown as companions to the main crop. An example of this is the marigold, which helps to repel aphids from vegetables.

Mixing 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and 1 cup of cooking oil can make a cheap garden pest spray. Put 3 tablespoons of this mixture in 1 quart of water and spray on plants.

5. A simple mulch of pine needles will help to suppress the growth of weeds as well as keeping the moisture in.

6. Organic gardening practices help to keep the environment safe for future generations.